Can I Put 12×12 Concrete Blocks Under My Hot Tub?

Can i put 12×12 concrete blocks under my hot tub. We just bought a 10 person hot tub. We are putting it in our backyard and we don’t have concrete slab anywhere. So, can we lay down 12×12′s down?? They look like they are like 2-4" thick? I think the hot tub is like 8by8. Let me know. We don’t want to lay down concrete.

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  1. Brad R says:

    build a small deck for it using 4×4 posts. concrete the posts in the ground about 2 to 3 feet in the ground and roughly a six inch radius of concrete per post. level off the 4x4s build a deck on top

  2. Bill F says:

    They should be ok if you put a layer of gravel and stonedust under them. You may be better off if you lay 4X8 sheets of pressure treated plywood on top. The most important thing is to have a level, sturdy base that won’t shift or move under the tub

  3. randy_ishere says:


  4. Wilmington Pool Service, NC says:

    I have personally done this and everything worked out fine. Make sure your bedrock is good and like the others say, like a couple inches of gravel down before you set the blocks. Hope this helps!

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