Can I Use Bleach Instead of Hot Tub Chemicals?

Question from : can i use bleach instead of hot tub chemicals?
my friends ran out of hot tub chemicals, and i read on a few sites that just regular bleach can be used instead of chlorine, for pools. so i was wondering if its the same for hot tubs?

also how long do you have to wait for the water to warm up after you’ve filled it?

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Answer by grapejuice
There’s another type of chlorine that seems to work better for the heat in spas.

You’re going to have to wait long enough for the water to feel comfortable. I seem to remember that it takes at least 4 hours. Use a thermometer.

PS-those websites that say that ‘just regular bleach can be used’ are doing a disservice to the readers. Yes, it is essentially the same bleach, but the stuff from the pool company is much higher concentrated, so your cost per ounce needed is much less with the better chlorine.

Answer by GTB
As one with an undergrad degree in Chemistry and a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering please understand that:

1. Bleach is NaOCl (sodium hypochlorite) at 4 – 5 % w/v in water.

2. Pool shock and similar chlorine solutions are NaOCl at 10% in water.

Both are the same chemical dissolved in water at different concentrations.

The critical reaction, assuming HCl is present is

NaOCl + HCl ==> NaOH + Cl2

The Cl2 is the chlorine.

Now the specific answers to your questions:

1. Bleach is a diluted form of the pool shock solution

2. You use a whole lot more bleach to do the same thing pool shock does and because it is less concentrated, the needed reaction is slower.

3. You need to add HCl to bleach or pool shock as the NaOH produced would raise the pH to an unacceptable alkaline level – which makes it unacceptable for human use.

4. It is in fact a lot more expensive to use bleach to do the job. Do you really think the makers have not determined this beforehand??

Answer by Jonathan
YOU may also want to try hydrogen peroxide there is a photo of the most powerful version I have found (35%) on this page towards bottom:

Answer by Jessica
You can you bleach, but it might be cheaper to just replace the pool chemicals. You will have to use much more liquid bleach than you would pool chlorine. Since you can buy pool chemicals online in bulk for a discounted price, it will not save you any money to use chlorine bleach.

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