Do Hot Tub Jets Have to Be on for the Hot Tub to Heat Up?

We have the jets of the hot tub on now and the heater is slowly heating up, but do the jets have to be on for the tub to get warmer or can we turn them off?

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    1. Alec says:

      For the most part, yes. The water coming out of the jets is cycled through the heating system, and there is no other way for the heated water to enter the hot tub. This is true for both above ground and in-ground hot tubs.

    2. Brokn says:

      for our indoor whirlpool, they have to be on. The heater is inside the tub, the water flows behind the scenes in airline tubing – the tubing passes through the heater so unless the water is circulating, it won’t heat. For an outdoor hot tub, this may not be the case.

    3. Douglas says:

      You circulation pump must be on for the outdoor tub to heat up. The jets just move water in the tub not from the heater to the tub. Maybe the circ. pump is off or off on internal overload. If the circ. pump feels hot this may be the case and turn it off to cool down and give it a try again but if it is on and is not running and is cold you may need a new one.

      Your heater is like a small boiler and steam isn’t a good thing in a boiler. Don’t try and heat the tub with the jets as a primary water mover.

      If it is an indoor tub, the hot water from the fawcet is your heated water. It may or may not have an external heater. Hope this helps.

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