Do I Need to Pour a Concrete Slab to Put a Hot Tub in the Back Yard?

My back yard is flat and the surface is paving stones, do I really need to pour a concrete slab if I want to put in a hot tub? If I moved I’m sure I’d want to take the tub and then there would be a big slab it the backyard no on would want there.

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    1. chopsaw says:

      No…….No……..No…… don’t have to pour a slab? Just make all your power, water and rest safe so no one can get hurt and you are ok at that.

    2. dbone says:

      The tub just needs to be level…and stay level. Concrete, wood deck or sand will work fine.

    3. Francis says:

      It really depends on how thick the base is under the paving stones. 3" – 6" is pretty common. If your base is only 3" then I wouldn’t expect the patio to hold up too well over the years. 6 inches should be plenty.

    4. Bill F says:

      I would lay 4′ X 8′ X 3/4" sheets of pressure treated plywood over the stones to insure the tub is level. The tub can crack if there is a low spot and the tub doesn’t make full contact.

    5. Mr Fixit says:

      Don’t know your building code, but you should be able to put it on concrete blocks

    6. jake says:

      Over paving stones is ok.

      You may have to use some shims to level the tub.
      Shims should be treated or red wood.

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