Hot Tub, Sticky Walls and Filter Covers?

Hi, The walls (at the water line) and my filter covers are sticky in my hot tub. This green stuff (possibly a mold?) returns every time I scrub it away. It sticks to skin and takes a lot of soap just to get clean again. I use the Soft Soak system. How can I get my hot tub clean again?


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  1. Paul in San Diego says:

    Drain out the water, clean the scum off of all surfaces with a damp cloth (preferrably terry cloth) rinsing often to remove the residue, and refill the tub.

    Also, clean off (with a strong hose spray) or replace the filter element.

    Make sure to keep the chemicals at the correct level (chlorine if you use it and pH are important for water clarity).

    In the future, consider showering before using the hot tup. That scum is soap residue and body oils that precipitate out in the tub water.

  2. daddyjohndeer says:

    Sounds like your chemicals are off. You are getting scum buildup in the tub.

  3. Dr. Hot Tub Wilmington NC says:


    Using a Biguanide based system as you are it will take all of the leftovers in your tub (ie. dead algae, skin cells etc.) congeal them so they will stick together to be able to get caught in your filter easier. It’s one of those things you have to get used to with a Biguanide sanitation system that the day after you do your start-up you will have to wipe the rim of your tub. It’s gren I bet because you most likely do not have enough sanitizer or shock in your tub. Most of the time it will be a brown to orange in color. Be sure unlke the first person said to use a filter cleaner that is in essence a mile acid to clean your filters. Just hosing them off does not make them clean on the micro level. By the way you can get sued everyone for bad advice……. Not to mention kill someone.

    1. Christine says:

      Help! How do I remove the really hard stuck on gunk from the walls of soft tub that wasn’t used for a while? Thanks!

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