Hot Tub Worked Fine This Morning, but Suddenly Stopped Working?

My family has a Leisure Bay Xtreme hot tub. It worked fine this morning, but we had to shut it off today because my step dad built a new deck and it had to be moved onto it. But when we plugged it back in, nothing worked! The lights won’t turn on, the jets won’t work, NOTHING! It’s plugged in just like it was before, it just won’t turn on. (And please no "Call a repair man". We’re in the middle of nowhere, repair men won’t come out here) PLEASE HELP!! Thanks
Even after we moved it, we turned it on and it worked fine. Then it suddenly stopped like an hour before we wanted it 2 start

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  1. Bert C says:

    Check the circuit breaker and the GFCI. One of them is almost certainly tripped. The most likely culprit is the GFCI. They are very sensitive.


  2. Matt D says:

    Seems when it was moved that something was damaged, perhaps the wiring. Or perhaps a component was damaged and caused a short circuit and blew an internal fuse or circuit breaker. Too many possibilities; if you don’t have someone who is familiar with electrical equipment and wiring, it’s a difficult problem to solve.

    Did you check the circuit breaker from the main electrical supply panel in your residence?

  3. Bret B says:

    Bert has a good idea ck the circuit breakers.

  4. petethen2 says:

    Check the circuit breakers if one is tripped don’t turn it on until you check for severed wires which could have inadvertently happened when you worked on the deck.

  5. Sharon says:

    My hot tub just quit. Worked yesterday. This morning…the pump was working and I put my weekly chemicals in…came about after 30 minutes..not working. I check the circuit breakers..set and reset…nothing.
    Can you help me?!??!?!?!

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