How Can I Find Out What Kind of Hot Tub Was Left in the Back Yard of My New House?

The previous tenants left me a hot tub!!!! My landlord knows nothing about it I would like to know how I can determine what company made the tub and where I can get an owner’s manual for it….I’m dying to test it out!

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    1. THE SINGER... says:

      Have you searched all around the hot tub for names, serial numbers, etc. All hot tubs have benches, support system components – a pump, a filter , a heater, a jet set , a control set and a plumbing kit. Yours may have other accessories. You can contact any hot tub company to come and check it out. You need to make sure that your hoses, etc are all in good working order. There are two things you can do however, 1) you can contact the state listing for the past residents and write them for the information if possible – or 2) you can call any hot tub company and have them come out and check your unit. They can determine if there are any problems and can give youa clean ‘bill of health’ and you can use them from that point on as your ‘cleaners, etc. They may even recognize the equipment. Afterall, how many hot tub companies are there in one city? (smile)

    2. Laura B says:

      Usually just under where the controls are, there is a nameplate. Go to that company’s website and they will tell all.

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