How Can I Heat a Hot Tub Without Using Electricity or Gas?

i really want a hot tub but i cant afford to heat it using electricity or gas. is there any other way to heat a hot tub??

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  1. Mom of 2 great boys says:

    Maybe go green and see if solar is an option!

    Other than that, there is no way to heat it.

    Gas or electric is the only way.


  2. R P A says:

    Yes wood fired hot tub heaters are available. I had one about 15 years ago in VT. It worked good and would heat the tub up in about 45 minutes. The good thing it was cheap, plenty of scrap wood to burn. The bad thing was that since it was located outdoors you needed to make some fire almost every day during the winter to keep it from freezing. That was sort of a pain. I do miss sitting outside in the tub with the smell of wood smoke and the snow coming down and frost on my mustache toasty warm when it was 10 below outside.

  3. Ro-bot says:

    You could get some solar cells and a few batteries and modify the tub to run off the batteries, but the cost of doing that would probably have paid for conventional energy to power the tub for quite awhile.
    They do make wood-heated hot tubs that sort of have a wood stove built into them, but, again, these cost more than a regular hot-tub, so the price difference keeps you from really saving any money.
    If the cost of heating the water is really so prohibitive, you probably shouldn’t be considering a hot tub anyway, they are not cheap to maintain anyway.

  4. D2 says:

    build a fire under it

  5. goldwing says:

    Sorry, but if you cannot afford the gas or electric, you will not be able to afford the alternatives…solar hot water….very expensive on install!

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