How Do I Get Rid of a Hot Tub That Doesn't Work and Is Sunk into a Deck?

I have a hot tub that doesn’t work and that is recessed into our back deck. We’ve decided that we don’t want to invest any more money in making it work. How should we get rid of it? Even if we give it away on craigslist or something, how do we physically remove it from the deck without paying a lot of money for a crane to lift it out or ripping out the deck around it? Can you cut up a hot tub into pieces with a "saws-all"?

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    1. mel says:

      I’ll assume it’s not built in and is made of fiberglass. in that case they are not that heavy. you have to remove the decking around it.

    2. Sara S says:


    3. Someday Soon says:

      You could use a saw, but make sure to wear gloves, eye protection and a mask over your nose and mouth. Most hot tubs are fiberglass, so you don’t want any of the dust or fragments in your skin, eyes or lungs.

    4. whatever66 says:

      sure a saws-all will work. im assuming its fiberglass.

      you might want to first advertise it as free and that if they want it they need to pay for the removal. they could rent a hydrualic hoist or a gantry with nylon straps at the local rental place to take it out and get it on the bed of a truck.

    5. WESTERN M says:

      If your gonna go destrucktoe on this a chop saw would be faster, but if you value your lungs and eyes you’ll have a filtered mask and goggles cause fiberglass shavings and dust ain’t healthy for you in a very bad way . I mean ain’t ya’ gonna have ta take the deck apart to fix the hole from the tub anyway? The thing is thick and heavy and it’s not gonna be easy, you can do it ,but take plenty of safety precautions cause you know your friends would never let you live down " the time you almost killed yourself taking the tub apart ! "

    6. makito97 says:

      If you give it away, whoever takes it should pay to remove it. Besides craigslist, yahoo has a group called Freecycle. I don’t know about cutting it up though……depends on what it’s made of.

    7. donny l says:

      use a tow truck to lift it up.

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