How Do You Clean the Pipes on a Hot Tub After Sitting Empty?

I have a hot tub and it stays empty for 4 months of the year. How do I clean out the pipes so there are no parasites in the water when filled?

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    1. rick says:

      Fill it to just above the water intake and add a couple gallons of bleach to it, run it for a while and let it sit. Run it again and drain it. If filling and draining it isn’t an option, I’d imagine you could treat it like a pool and toss some "shock" into it-check to see how much to add-probably only 1/4-1/8 of the bag.

    2. Megan! says:

      your going to have to fill it with water and then add a large amount of bleach and let it run for a day or so, then you empty it out and put new water in it.

      Also, if you shock the hot tub with chemicals, it will help it say sanitary for longer

    3. Krisi I says:

      Cleaning out the pipes is essential for preparing a hot tub for prolonged periods of disuse. Picture the slime made of dead skin, body oil and other debris that gathers at the water’s surface. Now picture that slime running through the pipes, sticking to their walls and then sitting for months after the hot tub has been drained. Not a pretty picture, right? Run a degreaser made for hot tubs through the system one day before you drain and clean the hot tub. Degreaser is available at pool and spa supply stores.

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