How Long Can I Stay in a Hot Tub?

Why do they set time limits? If I’m in the Hot tub just relaxing and talking with friends, why would there need to be a time limit. Whats the difference between a Hot tub and taking a regular hot bath? So whats the verdict. how long can I say in?

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    1. Above the Rest Hot Tub and Pool Repair, Inc. says:

      The reason the feds set a 104 temp at twenty minutes is that at 105 a normal person can over heat in as little 8 minutes compared to 31-35 in 104 degree temp. water. The NIH’s website use to have a study published on their website. I have known people to dip into water as hot as 112 for short periods of time. Of course it was something they did everyday and they did start at lower temps rising it as time went by. I understand a lot of Japanese baths are as hot as 122.

      I have had one customer have a heart attack after getting in his tub at 104 for 2 twenty minute cycles.

      The NIH guidelines are that no one that is pregnant, diabetic, has cardio problems, under the age of ten, or with high or low blood pressure should get in water over 100 degrees in temp.

    2. TSW says:

      It will over heat your body. Making your heart work harder and labored breathing.
      1/2 to 45 minutes is ok depending on the water temp.

      You can get heat stroke.

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