How Long Does It Take for a Hot Tub to Heat Up?

we are trying out a hot tub for the first time and it doesnt seem to be heating up. how long does it usually take? where does the heat come from? this isnt brand new so any tips/advice is appriciated.

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    1. Jerry & Bonnie Daytona says:

      when we got our hot tub we were told the temp would rise 1&1/2 degrees every hour when we first filled it. it is a 250 gallon tub. If your tub is bigger / older it will take longer. We keep ours on our enclosed proch and leave it on all year. We also use it every day.

    2. Kaytee B says:

      when you turn on hot tub for the first time, you should set the temperature. once you set it for the chosen temperature, give it a night to heat, then try it. if it is still cold talk to the salesman.

    3. Wilmington Pool Service, NC says:

      Jerry and Bonnie are correct. A 1 to 1-1/2 degree rise/hour is average. You should be able to notice a difference overnight. First make sure the temperature is set (I like 102 degrees).

      Depending on the spa, you should be able to hear the circulation pump humming, correct? There should also be a indicator (light or symbol) on the spa side controls indicating that the hot tub is heating. If you do not hear your pump or cannot see a heating indicator, you might want to call a local hot tub repair company.

      Your hot tub probably uses a traditional heating element, located behind the main access panel. Do not attempt to mess with this unless you’re a trained/certified technician.

      Check to see if your spa is under warranty. Some homeowner policies also cover hot tub repairs.

      Hope this helps.

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