How Long Does It Take to Warm Up Hot Tub?

I cleaned my hot tub this morning at noon. How long does it take the water to warm up to 104 degrees??

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    1. Dr. Hot Tub Wilmington NC says:

      If your tub is hooked up to 240v it heats up roughly 6-7 degrees an hour. 120v. 1.5 degrees an hour.

    2. Dan M says:

      Based on previous experience, when I did the exact same thing, it took about 6 hours to warm up to 104 degrees. It may vary between hot tub, but I have a Arctic Spas hot tub from 1999 (I’m not sure of the model).

    3. Jim S says:

      I’ve got a 6 person in-ground spa combined with my pool. It’s heated with a 400K btu gas heater. Takes it about 40 minutes to heat up in toe numbing cold weather. That’s from whatever the water temperature is relative to the weather because I don’t keep it hot all the time, just when I want to use it.

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