How Long Must I Wait Before Placing and Filling Hot Tub on New Concrete Slab?

I had a new 12′ x 28′ concrete slab poured last Thursday. How long must I wait before placing hot tub on slab and again before filling hot tub. Hot Tub weight aprox 800 lbs empty and about 4,000 lbs filled. We live in Minnesota.

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    1. Tedruski says:

      Couple of things I would do. Make sure there is a control joint cut about 1 foot away from the edges of the hot tub on all sides that have that much concrete around the hot tub. This will keep stress cracks from forming at the area where the filled hot tub will be sitting.
      Second, the weight of the hot tub is not much when empty, so setting it within 2-3 days is fine if you lower it down onto slab or roll/slide it on some boards – then pull boards out as you rest it in place. Now as you know, when you fill it up this is why I suggest you cut some control joints in the perimeter around the hot tub slab,it gets heavy.
      That’s about 63 lbs per sq. foot for a 4,000 lb. hot tub that is about 8′x8′. The slab will withstand that easy.
      Fill’er Up!

    2. dusty_titus says:

      If your concrete was correctly poured and layed on rock gravel with wired rebar – at least 4.5 inches thick – you should be able to put your spa on within a week.

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