How Long Will It Take to Heat Up My 500 Gallon 110 Volt Hot Tub?

My husband and I got a hot tub last sunday and had to replace the heating element. It has now taken 17 hours to raise 20 degrees. Is there something wrong or do I just need to learn some patience??

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    1. Paul in San Diego says:

      I have a 110 volt hot tub that uses the heat from the motor stator to heat up the water (when the motor runs, the tub water passes through tubing in the motor, heating it up). I seem to remember that it does heat up about 1 degree an hour or so (they told me it would take about 48 hours to fully heat the water). But, I have an on-demand water heater. So, I just fill up the tub with hot water using a hose connected to the hot water spigot for the washing machine.

    2. crazyme says:

      I think something could still be wrong. Normally the water should heat 3-4 degrees per hour if the hot tub is covered

    3. gregoryscottfarrell says:

      110 is uncommon .. But I have . . a 220 and it take 8-10 hours to heat up if all valves are correct and temp. setting is set correctly… be sure your bubbles are turned off this cools the water as air flows through the water.. Keep lid closed…

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