How Much Does It Cost to Get a 220v Outlet Installed Outside for a Hot Tub? Estimate?

getting a "free" hot tub for a friend need a new outlet!

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  1. kai etienne says:

    breaker and 50" of line around $250.00 (plus disconnect)
    labor is around $150.00 an hour… if they have to wall mount the wire where it can be hit then you will pay more for conduit.
    wish you well.
    ps I am a contractor

  2. Ms M says:

    I got a rough estimate for installing a 220 outlet inside for a double oven. They said it’d be roughly $1000. And they said it was "so cheap" because the breaker box was on the same side of the house where I was thinking of having the outlet installed.

    Maybe previous posters are saying less because it’s going to be outside and they don’t have to fish any wires in the walls… That or I was just given an outrageous quote. It may depend, too, on the part of the country in which you live.

  3. KMcG says:

    I*m an electrical contractor, the first person’s answer is correct. Call around , see if you can get an electrician or two to come out and give you an estimate. Some of us still do that for free.

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