How Much Would It Cost Me to Get Rid of My Hot Tub?

I just bought a house. Nice suburbs, about 1850 square feet for 0,000. Anyway, the backyard has this expensive pebbling. There is a part that’s raised and a hot tub built into it. I would like to level that entire area and expand my master bedroom. Does anyone know how much that would cost?

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    1. Boni Hubbard says:

      Seamstress is exactly right. Give it away! But be sure to put in your ad that "recipient is responsible for its’ extraction and relocation. My neighbor just did this very same thing.

    2. Brittany says:


    3. seamstress says:

      If you put a post on CraigsList: Free Hot Tub/Come and remove it. That would take care of the hot tub and not cost you any money. The best and fastest and least expensive way to get rid of things is attach the word FREE to it, you’ll see.

      If you are also asking how much it costs to build your master bedroom, I have no clue. That all depends on so many factors that I could not even venture to guess. Perhaps, maybe $50.00 to $75 per square foot???

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