How Much Would It Cost to Heat a Hot Tub 4 a Month? Is It Cheaper to Leave It on All Month or Heat Each Use?

My roommates and I have a hot tub, but don’t want to pay to heat it up all month. This gets annoying when you have to turn it on 3 hours in advance to when you want to use it. Some people say it would be cheaper to heat it once and leave it on then having to re-heat the entire thing every time (once or two times a month). I just want to leave the thing on all month…anybody know an estimated cost for heating it for the whole month?

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    1. no rules! says:

      you have to leave it on dude

    2. New York says:

      We have a hot tub that is on our back porch and we have to leave it on all of the time to keep the pump from freezing in the cold months but if you have it inside or it doesn’t get cold were you are you could put it on a time and then it would be ready for you to use when you wanted it.

    3. candy333lotus says:

      A spa should run from about 25-45 dollars a month to operate.

      It would make only a slight difference (if any) in cost to only heat it once and awhile. Here’s a couple of notes on the issue:

      1) You need to leave the spa connected (not necessarily heating) all of the time. If you don’t the spa can’t filter the water and you have a pond.

      2) Maintaining temp can actually be cheaper (if you have a well insulated spa) than bringing it up to temperature every once and awhile. Going from 70 to 102 degrees may take more over-all kilowatt hours than holding the temp at 102. This will again depend on how well insulated the spa is and what the outside temp is like where you live.

      Remember you are paying each month to at least have the spa filter, and the minimum suggested time is 4 hours per day, you might as well have the spa heated and ready when you want to use it!!

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