How Thick Should I Pour Concrete Below a Hot Tub.?

I’m thinking about getting a hot tub. I live in MN, and am wondering how thick I should pour the concrete. I’m guessing it would be different depending on the size of the tub? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks.

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    1. Mac S says:

      6" reinforced slab on top of 4" of rigid foam insulation.

    2. GibsonEssGee says:

      If you’re talking outside then at least 6 inches of 1-2-3 mix concrete for a 6’6" x 7′ 6" tub.

    3. STEVEN F says:

      The concrete doesn’t matter much. The BASE under the concrete is what matters. With a proper base, you can skip the concrete. Your local building inspector is your best source. What they require WILL exceed what would actually work.

    4. Michael says:

      Industry standard is 4" thick – 2500 PSI Concrete.

    5. creteexpert says:

      A 6" thick concrete slab (use 4000 psi) reinforced with wire mesh or rebar on top of at least 2" of styrofoam. A good gravel base of at least 18" and make sure the landscaping around the pad pitches away from the pad to keep water from collecting around and under the concrete. If done this way the concrete will easily hold the weight of the water and hot tub. The styrofoam, gravel, and correct landscaping should keep the frost in the winter from heaving and cracking the concrete.

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