I Am Pouring a Concrete Slab 4" Thick, How Long Should I Wait Before Putting a Hot Tub on It?

We will not be putting water in the hot tub for several weeks, the tub weighs appox. 800 pounds.

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    1. Stephen P says:

      concrete can be walked on a couple of hours after its poured. You can place your hot tub on it a couple of days after its set up

    2. handygirl says:

      i would seal the concrete in a few days after pouring and set the hot tub in about a week. i hope with that weight you used rebar under and throughout the concrete :)

    3. beachlover says:

      the longer you let it dry the stronger it will become
      although you can walk on it within a few hours if you wish to have it stand the test of time
      concrete takes 30 days to completely cure
      if you arent going to add water for a few weeks hold off putting the hottub on the slab and keep it damp for those weeks it will give you a much harder slab. covering it with palstic will allow it to cure slowly and wetting it down once a day will let it cure slowly

    4. Waiting for Change says:

      i’d wait at least 5 days

    5. Hondu says:

      You should cure (keep covered and damp) a concrete slab for a minimum of seventy two hours and not subject it to heavy loads until six days after that.

    6. stitched up says:

      If the concrete is on soil, with no damp barrier (landscaping fabric), and no steel in it, i doubt it will last past winter, your hot tub weighs 800 pounds, water weighs 2 pounds per pint and bodies weigh differently, potentially, you could easily have 1,500 – 2000 pounds in weight, when full of water and bodies.

    7. bc12012 says:

      it depends on the environment, has it been hot and dry , is there a lot of humidity, etc……..id wait at least 48 hrs .4 days you wont have any problems.

    8. Bricky Local 9 PA says:

      you’ve waited this long for a tub , wait at least a week after pouring…

    9. Dustin says:

      Pour the slab, seal it, then wait a few days….by then the concrete will have cured enough for the tub and the water. Concrete takes 28 days to cure fully, but after about a week, it will test at 3/4 of the final strength.

    10. jim1965_99 says:

      I would wait 72 hours.

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