I Need to Know How to Replace the Jets on a Used Hot Tub?

I just got a used 6 person hot tub in excellent condition but some of the chrome rings around the jets are rusted. Some just a tiny bit and one that is really badly rusted and no method is taking it off. I keep triyng to twist it off but they won’t budge. How do I take off the bad ones and put on the new ones?

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  1. royce e says:

    go to spa care .com enter hot tub make and model a lot of tubs take special tool inside or outside to remove

  2. brainstorm says:

    It’s the bits you can’t see that you need to worry about. These things are a real health hazard. The pipes get choked with pubic hair, body fat and faecal particles. They should be sterilized at least once week but few people bother because it is such a long process.
    There is a real risk of infection from legionnaires disease and salmonella if you fail to do this.

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