If a Hot Tub Temperature Is Set at 95-98 Degrees (approx 37 Celcius) Is This a Safe Teperature for a Baby.?

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    1. Michel Verheughe says:

      You put your elbow in the water. If it feels cold, the water is too cold. If it feels warm, the water is too warm. If you can’t notice that your elbow is in the water then it is just right. That will be, perhaps 30 C.

      That is the way millions of mothers do it worldwide.

      If you have more questions about baby care, please ask your doctor, nurse or even the section of Yahoo Answers dedicated to that, but not this Weather section.

    2. pancake says:

      No, you fool, babies do NOT!!! go into the HOT TUB!!!

    3. Tanner says:

      ya that is a BIG NO! you would probably cook the baby and i dont think that you want that

    4. BabeHart says:

      .I’m not seeing why anyone would put a baby in a hot tub. The kid isn’t going to get any real pleasure out of it. I’d say a big "NO" on boiling the baby.

    5. MysteriousGAL says:

      Of course not, around 25 should do you can test this with a thermometer or you can put you elbow in the water :)

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