Lightheaded and Exhausted After Hot Tub?

Okay, we just got this new hot tub. It was very expensive and it’s very deep and big. The water comes up to my shoulders when I’m sitting in it.

My question is, how come right when I get out of it, I feel extremely lightheaded and exhausted and thirsty?

My vision kind of goes blurry also.

Everyone else says they feel like that too, but it doesn’t seem to me that they feel it as much as I do.

And the weird thing is that my grandparents also have a hot tub (except it is shallower) and I never really felt lightheaded or had blurry vision. I got kind of exhausted, but only a little bit.

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    1. christine m says:

      Are you on any medication?Have your blood pressure checked. Adjust the temp of the hot tub as well but for heaven’s sake get your blood pressure checked.You don’t need to faint in a hot tub.Your body is telling you something listen. Check out this site on the web on blood pressure.

    2. greeneyes says:

      It sounds like you are getting the water too hot, and becoming dehydrated.

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