The Jets in My Hot Tub Appear to Be Blowing More Air Than Usual? Is This a Problem/how Do I Fix It?

I just drained then filled my hot tub. After filling it back up, I powered it up, but it seems like the jets are shooting a lot more air bubbles than before. I may just be paranoid, but I’m not sure. Is this a problem? Is there something I can do to fix it? It is a very new hot tub, so I don’t think it is faulty machinery.

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    1. fuzzykjun says:

      tubs DO NOT blow air or bubbles,, they circulate water,, the rushing water appears all bubbly and fizzy,
      cleaning the jets is letting it circulate more water than before,,,,, its actually working the way its supposed to!!!!!!!!!!111

    2. pipe strangler says:

      check you air control pipe it may have come away from the control.

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