What Do I Use to Clean a Used Hot Tub Before Filling It Up with Water?

I bought a house that came with an outside hot tub. It has a little debris (dirt,leaves) in it and I want to clean it before I fill it up. What is the best way to clean the tub first? Can I use any household cleaners?

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    1. Daniel says:

      I recommend a good citrus type degreaser
      (assuming the hot tub’s shell is acrylic)

    2. India Cricket says:

      Use sponge / and cleaning spray for bathrooms mainly.

    3. Move on says:

      Since your info is a little short I will assume it has a filter system along side the heater. It does make a little difference if it is wood or fiberglass also. But all you really should do is add some chlorine and brush it down while it’s running. I would also recommend getting a water sampling kit from a pool supply store.

    4. San says:

      I would vac. it out 1st with your vac, hose (shop vac) then use a mild cleaner/ sanitizer to wipe it out.

    5. the super rich says:

      use somee vinegar,because of it’s acidity vinegar can wash away dirt

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