What Is a Good Price for a Used Hot Tub?

What would be a good/typical price for a 7 year old, 5′X7′ hot tub?
Do you mean that it is sick to buy a used hot tub? Because I am buying it from a family member, and just wanted to make sure that the price was fair for both of us.
Wow, I’m sorry if I disgusted you all. I guess I should have clarified that I am buying it from a family member.

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    1. kathyannage says:

      I bought a decent 4 person Jaqusi SP? for 500, a friend bought one for 750, different modlel, best I know somewhere around there. They have 220 volt and 110volt, I’m talking 110

    2. chee says:

      maybe give or take $1000

    3. sweetypie_peace says:

      you are sick!

    4. thesweeteststar says:

      get a new one?????
      Unless you really really KNOW the Peepz!

    5. free_the_frenchfries says:


    6. Jamie says:

      Around $900 to $2,000 depending on quality.

    7. easysolutions says:

      R U 4 Real!!!!

    8. Centsible says:

      there is nothing wrong with buying a used hot tub. people should reduce/reuse/recycle more. around $500

    9. ethology says:

      I guess $500 to $1,000. Taking into concideration what comes with it, what kind of condition it is in, things like that. Kind of like purchasing anything else I guess.

    10. Dr. Hot Tub Wilmington NC says:

      I need more info to tell you exactly what to pay. What brand and model is it? How many pumps? condition of the cover? Pumps usually start failing at 7 years. Heater 3-5 years. Is it 240v or 120v? What’s the condition of the cabinet? What’s the structure like? What’s the acrylic like? Electronice controls or a push button to turn on the pumps? It would be really nice if you could takea few digital photos and post them to see. I repair tubs and all of the above is needed to come up with a good price. Don’t listen to these idiots above. A good sanitizer will and can kill all germs/bacteria from Legionaire’s disease, HIV to E coli.

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