What Is the Cost to Install and Maintain a Hot Tub?

Question by MominOhio: What is the cost to install and maintain a hot tub?
I am considering purchasing a hot tub. Looking at a 5-6 person hot tub to be installed into deck. What is the cost to install and maintain a hot tub in the northeast?

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Answer by Robert Generation

Answer by CanadaClub
“into the deck” ? Hmmm

No offense, but do you write in a question asking, “How much will it cost to fix my car”?

Tell us about your deck, style, size, etc. Then we need to know the location of the electrical panel with respect to it. What, if any,available space is in the panel? Is it a tub with a base or do you require a pad? What is the grade of your property? Are you within property line limits?

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