What Kind of Electrical Panel Do I Need?

We bought a house. The previous owners had a hot tub, and in the agreement, they took the hot tub and they also took the electrical panel. Now we have a hot tub on order, and I need to figure out what "electrical control panel" they took. It’s a 220V hot tub. and I think we need a seperate breaker for the hot tub. What does this all entail?

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    1. SummersEnd says:

      Well, first let me recommend you hire it done. If its done wrong you could either hurt yourself or someone else. Who ever you hire should be certified, bonded, and be able to provide you with materials needed.

      As for what would be needed….

      1) determine the amperage requirements of your tub. likely its about 40 or 50amps

      2) get a power panel designed for hot tubs. These will be 240 volt GFIC protected
      panels. GFIC protected is a *MUST* If the tubs heater shorts to the water, you
      want this to trip!!

      3) set the hot tub disconnect panel no closer than 6 to 10 feet from the spa.

      4) install a UF 6/3 W G wire from a 240 volt 50 amp circuit breaker (non- GFIC)
      from your main home power panel to your hot tub panel

      5) install UF 6/3 W G wire from the panel to the tub

      I have added a couple links for boxes you can get at lowes and home depot for your reference.

    2. goober says:

      Do you still have the cable from the main circuit breaker panel to where the hot tub was? If so, you should still have a breaker in the main panel for the hot tub. You would only need the disconnect box that is visible from the tub. This box would allow you to pull out a part of the box so that someone servicing the tub would know that power is off. These are rather inexpensive ( < $20) for the part.

      If the cable is gone you would need a new cable to the tub and maybe a new breaker in the main panel. they should not have left an empty hole in the main breaker panel so maybe the breaker is still there. You would need a new cable, a disconnect box at the tub, and a cable from the the disconnect box to the tub.

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