Whats Product Is Safe to Clean My Hot Tub with if Its Already Drained?

i recently drained my hot tub like i do every year, but then i read you can use vinegar before its drained. well im on a tight budget and cant afford the water bill to refill, but i dont want to use any harsh chemicals. what should i do now?

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    1. monsterkitty19 says:

      baking soda, white vinegar, borax lemon juice and a spray bottle or bucket to clean with and rag or something. it will do the trick to clean and disinfect.

    2. eskie lover says:

      If you can, the most important things to clean are the jets and the filters. I use filter cleaner on mine unless they are just too fragile to clean (they are basically paper). Since filter cleaner is expensive, you can squirt the hose on them (not on full power) to loosen what collects between the paper. You probably can soak them in a diluted solution (like maybe 4:1 ratio of water to vinegar) in a laundry tub overnight. If you do that, pull all of the jets and soak them right along with the filters. That is really where bacteria, body oils and gunk accumulates. We take a toothbrush to the jets after soaking them. Some of our jets can’t be pulled out, so try spraying vinegar into them and using the toothbrush to remove grunge from them, since you already drained the spa and can’t run cleaner through them. You can also use vinegar to clean the rest of the shell, too. I use a blue scrungey sponge (the type for teflon pots and pans) to remove water line build up and it won’t scratch the shell (and is cheaper than the ones sold for spa use).

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