Why Causes the Water in a Hot Tub to Turn Green?

Dang it I was gonna ask Why was the water in the hot tub green but then I reworded it and didn’t backspace far enough. I hate when I zone out like that. Musta been all the beer last week.
I am pretty sure no one took care of it while I was away.

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    1. Green Is Sexxxy says:

      don’t worry it’s healthy. b/c it’s organic. and green is sexxxy.

    2. Iriquois says:

      more than likely its algal growth or a build up of other organic compounds. Your best bet is to drain it, or if u dont want to do that i suggest using oxidizer which should be a common chemical that u use in the maintenance of your spa.

    3. Walter XI PMK says:

      Food coloring.

    4. Syd XII says:

      I don’t know, but I do know that some snitch reported me in your other question for asking about the hot tub.

      I do those reword mistakes all of the time.

    5. Algae thrive in the water that is why it turn it to green.

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