Why Did the Jets in My Hot Tub Stop Working?

Im renting the first floor of a nice house with a hot tub. Id been using it a lot. One day i turned it on and the jets werent working, the water was just flowing out through a place near the floor where i think the water normally comes from as it passes the heater. What causes this? How do I fix it? What would happen if i let it run as is?

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    1. jresner@sbcglobal.net says:

      On the pump there is a small hose, about 3/8 in or less in diameter. That is the air swith hose. Make sure it is connected on both ends. At the motor and the switch by the tub deck.

    2. karl c says:

      you should tell the person u are renting it from they will have to get it fixed because it is covered in ur maintenace

    3. laws_r_good says:

      Check for a blown fuse first. Pump might have failed also.

    4. micah says:

      one of the pumps is probably out, or you could have a short somewhere. locate the wiring schematics and figure out where the problem is and make the repair

    5. laramoremichael says:

      maybe they are full of trash (hair and such) or maybe the oump motor has gone out

    6. WILLIAM C says:

      sounds like your air pump aint working it may be plugged up check all the air jets

    7. Sandyspacecase says:

      I hope this is not the problem, but we had a hot tub, and rats crawled over the telephone lines, came in and chewed through all the plumbing that connected the water to the jets. Something to think about.

    8. Dr. Hot Tub Wilmington NC says:

      Obviously you have a leak. Most likely sources are , the oznator hose, the pump unions and the heater couplings. Another very possible localtion would be the seal that keeps the water inside the pump has failed due to corrosion. If you could take picutres and post them of hte area it would help in figuring out where the leak is. Hopefully the seals/gaskets where the jets fit int the tub are not the source of the leaks. They are the toughest to fix. It would be great to know the year, make and model of the tub too.

    9. thrina says:

      the jets on my hot tub and the light keep quitting everything else works though any idea what this could be the panel is a balboa value 2000

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