Why Does My Hot Tub Foam Up and How Can I Make It Stop??

My hot tub builds a lot of foam up when I kick on the jets. It looks like the inside of a washing machine! Foam dissapates quickly when you shut off the jets but the mounds of foam are annoying. Anybody deal with this? TIA, HB

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    1. savhomer says:

      buy some anti foam at the pool supply store, works great

    2. "Renee" says:

      it foams because when you turn on the jets the bubbles from the jets head up to the surface in a great speed which causes foam…it happens to all spas…its suppose to do that lol

    3. fluffernut says:

      Time to clean. You can get chemicals to reduce the foam when the jets come on, but the cause is (as stated above) body oils,lotions, etc.

      There is a little foam, natural foam when the jets are on, but they don’t continue to build like soap and oil foam.

      How often you drain and clean depends on how often you use it, if you bathe before soaking, and amount of daily chemical you use to keep out the green meanies.

    4. Krista K says:

      What i do know…is that it could be from lack of the right of chemicals…..ALSO…..a friend told me that all of the access build up can be contributed by soaps, lotions, and other body perfumes and oils. Hope this helps you some!

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