Would You Make a Deck or Concrete Pad for Your Hot Tub?

We have a used hot tub and would like to know which way to go. Which would be easier or more economical, If it’s the wood deck,would it hold the weight? I guess it doesn’t have to be up very high off the ground. The hot tub is 8′ X 8′. Usually a concrete pad would be about 4 inches thick, right? My husband had even mentioned using those paver blocks that are like 2 inches thick. Would they be a good or bad idea?

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    1. woodtick314 says:

      You can build a deck under it, but it would be up off of the ground. The minimum framing lumber I’d use is 2×12, at 12" on center. The beams underneath would also need to be 2×12. With decking you’re over 2′ off of the ground. A slab is cheaper and easier. 4" is plenty thick enough, as long as it’s on a good, compacted subbase. Good luck.

    2. dg2316 says:

      I have always wanted a Hot tub. I planned on pouring a concrete pad to set the tub on and building a wood deck around it so that you step down into it.

    3. Daniel M says:

      I would go with the concrete pad. a hot tub will be very heavy, and although wood is fairly strong, you could easily have problems in the future. The wood deck around it does sound like a cool idea, whoever said that before me.

    4. Leigh says:

      Concrete slab. And special wiring needs to go out to it… so maybe have an electrician work together w/the person you choose to build the hot tubs foundation. Enjoy!

    5. pugpaws2 says:

      Concrete is the way to go. I’m not sure about the slab being only 4" thick ??? I’d talk to someone in the concrete business. you want to do it right the first time. That is a lot of weight about 7.5 pounds per gallon of water + the weight of the hot tub. If the slab is not done correctly it may crack.
      Best of Luck!

    6. deadbear says:

      Yes, you need to AT LEAST have the concrete pad 4″ or your warranty, if you have one will be void. You said it was used, but you still might have a warranty, I don’t know. Either way there is a reason for having to make it AT LEAST 4″. The pavers will only work if there is 4″to them. Personally I wouldn’t risk it. We had pavers out to form a patio for 2 years and when we decided to get a hot tub, we had to pull the entire patio up because putting the hot tub on the particular pavers we used would not work.

      Also, you guys are not considering the weight of putting such a huge pad of concrete on the ground then putting a hot tub on top of it and the weight of the water and the persons inside of it. You are talking over 2,000lbs depending on the size of your tub. Concrete is extremely heavy and most utilities are only about 12-24″ under the ground (although most are supposed to be 36″, they are not as we found out when we had our yard surveyed for this specific thing).

      You need to be sure that you do not have anything like a water line or sewer line or any other utilities under where you would like to place the slab, because once it is there it cannot be changed/moved. If you crush a line by the weight you are screwed and it will cost a ton of money to fix. This might not be an issue for you though, it depends on the topography of your land. It is an issue for us since we have well water and a sewer and our utilities zig and zag all over our one acre of land.

      We are going with a deck because you aren’t putting as much weight in one place. The weight is displaced over the deck and not all sitting on top of our water line. But if you build the deck properly, it will be able to hold a hot tub. We’ve built numerous decks over the years for family members at different homes and rebuilt ours when we moved into our home, and find that it will actually be easier and far less expensive for what we need to build a deck rather than have a concrete slab poured.

      I’m really not sure why people are telling you getting concrete poured is cheaper, it isn’t unless you are doing it the redneck way, but if you want it done correctly, plan to shell out $1000 or more. That is in NC where we live anyway, I can’t speak for any other state, but I got quotes here and that is the going rate. We can build a deck to code for half that. It just depends on what you want and what you are willing to spend and the work you are willing to do. But I don’t think you should do any of it half assed.

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